Orchestrade making waves – CTRMCenter

Orchestrade making waves - CTRMCenter

Dr. Gary M. Vasey of CTRM Centre talked with Dale Emmerson, Global Head of ETRM at Orchestrade. 

“Orchestrade is making waves. Targeting the top tier in energy and commodities with a modern scalable event-driven architecture and deep ETRM functionality courtesy of its sponsoring client in energy, it is winning significant new customers in Europe and north America according to Dale Emmerson amidst what he calls ‘massive activity in the sector.’ It is finding traction in segments like merchant trading, utilities, and hedge funds, he told me and credits a build out of PPA, certificates and renewable functionality completed last year in part. It has also built out natural gas storage. The vendor also does well on the financial institution side of the business by virtue of handling equities, crypto, FX, IR and commodities all in the same application. “Often, entities get stuck with two separate systems to handle all those asset classes,” he said, “now they can do it all in one – Orchestrade.”