Technology You Can Depend On

Hedge funds are increasingly looking to enhance alpha with multi-asset, multi-market and multi-strategy approaches. Use of derivatives and structured products is on the rise again and so is the pressure from regulators and investors, who demand transparency and compliance. Technology is required to empower trading operations and risk management in the world of automated execution, daily margin and MiFID/AIFMD compliance. Orchestrade delivers just that – the most modern cross-asset, front-to-back trading, portfolio and risk management platform, designed to be fast and adaptable.

Why Hedge Funds Choose Orchestrade

High-Speed Implementations

Our platform comes with plug-and-play business workflows from live, market-tested environments.


Highly automated, turnkey platform for cross-asset front-to-back trading and risk management.

Real-Time Architecture

Understand your risk and P&L in real-time. No short-cuts, no approximations, no super-computers required.

Open, Scalable, Adaptable

Designed to be adaptable to changing regulatory and market requirements.

Superior Support

User-friendly solution designed in partnership with our clients. Supported by a team of industry veterans, dedicated to your success.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Most modern, best-in-class platform that is faster to implement and less expensive to maintain.

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