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Energy trading and risk management software

Delivering the step-change ETRM solution.

Orchestrade is a modern state-of-the-art cloud native platform, designed collaboratively with one of the world’s leading energy traders, that enhances all aspects of Energy and Environmental Trading and Risk Management.

Orchestrade’s open and highly performant architecture allows businesses to scale and evolve quickly in the everchanging energy landscape, while also delivering a significantly lower cost of implementation, upgrades and ongoing operations.

The speed and volatility of the energy markets present new challenges for participants, but also opportunities for those with the right technology. The need to deliver digital transformation and decarbonisation across the sector adds to the overall complexity faced by organisations.

Orchestrade ETRM removes the barriers to innovation, growth, and profitability.

Land of (renewable) opportunity
The US electricity landscape is expanding and changing rapidly
Look East
Continuous growth and exploration of new possibilities throughout Southeast Asia
Screenshot 2023 10 09 at 10.30.07
As energy depends more on weather-dependent renewables, this is the time to innovate
Screenshot 2023 07 25 at 09.56.12
To manage risk, and make effective decisions, traders must have real-time visibility
Screenshot 2023 02 22 at 18.12.01
Fast-moving structural changes, ballooning markets and a shift to renewables
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Managing a tsunami of data is key to transforming the energy industry to deliver Net Zero


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We deliver market standard adaptors to provide automated/exception-based straight-through-processing on all the major energy exchanges and venues including Trayport, ICE, CME, EEX, Nasdaq, Polpx, Pegas, Omip, ASX. Our multi-threaded connection design ensures that performance is never compromised. New adaptors can be built easily and added as required.
We can deliver our platform to manage your entire front-to-back operations or select specific components to fill gaps or enhance your existing capabilities. Our component-based approach provides interoperability, easy integration and the API framework means you can take as much or as little as you need.

Our ETRM platform delivers a powerful suite of tools for the valuation and end-to-end management of physical and virtual Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). Our clients have complete flexibility to:

  • Define complex PPA terms from any renewable source
  • Define and manage “clickability” including rights, min/max, number of clicks/declicks, spreads, calendar lags, formula switching
  • Report exposure and risk
  • Differentiate between monthly and final settlement with support for caps, floors and negative prices
  • Link and manage GoO certification inventory and PPA lifecycle events
  • Manage event based settlement adjustments on variable volume and volume indexed transactions

We also support Virtual Power Plants, and complex formula/basket deals across renewable energy and finance products.

Our ETRM platform allows clients to manage B2B & B2C Gas and Power Supply positions (including White Certificates and Guarantees of Origins), as well as renewables power assets (including PPAs) in one single application in real time, with daily loading of consumption and production forecasts, and risk monitoring.

Our architecture provides users with powerful trade data analysis tools including:

  • Trade data attributes such as P&L, risk and stress test results are all accessible
  • Pivot grid flexibility allowing data to be interrogated and custom reports to be built instantaneously
  • Full Excel integration

Our pricing and valuation framework allows complex physical and financial energy products and exotic options to be modelled, captured and valued easily.We provide full support for:

  • Gas swing
  • VPPs
  • PPAs and more

Users can define their own formula-based deals, utilize either Orchestrade’s valuation models or integrate their own.

Our platform fully supports trading, valuation, and management of a wide range of carbon, energy-saving and renewable products including:

  • Certificates (GoO, CER, VER, REGO, REC, GDRF etc) across power, gas, emissions and biomethane
  • Certificate & inventory management that can be linked to assets, PPAs or trading strategies

Our innovative solution architecture (OrchServer, OTDB & MongoDB) and grid processing is designed to support valuation and analysis (e.g. P&L explained) on very large datasets. Our systems are production tested for over 30,000 delivery forecasts, over a 2.5 year term with hourly granularity and more than 700m price/volume points.

Orchestrade ETRM is designed to meet the increasing need to support high volume, short-term and intraday trading with traditional complex energy product risk management. The platform is designed for real-time valuation of large complex energy portfolios and is proven to support power and gas trading volumes of up to 100,000 trades per day.

The speed, complexity and volatility of today’s energy markets require traders and risk managers to understand exposure as it happens across the entire portfolio. Our real-time capabilities and data analysis provide complete visibility to react to markets and make trading decisions.
We provide an industrial-strength lifecycle management solution with “smart business events”. We can capture lifecycle events, decoupled from products and positions, and share across energy markets for consistency and control of operational risk.


Power 900px
  • Multi instrument across physical and financial trading
  • Spot, physical forward, swap, options, swaptions, futures and listed options
  • Clean-dark-sparks spreads
  • User defined structured products
  • FTR’s cross-border transport capacity (including UIOSI/UIOLI processes)
  • PPA, VPP’s
  • Full supply contract management (inc. reforecast of client consumption and P&L explained on reforecast)


Gas 900px
  • Multi instrument across physical and financial trading
  • Spot, physical forward, swap, options, swaptions, futures and listed optionsSwing
  • and user defined structured products
  • Full supply contract management (inc. re-forecast of client consumption and P&L explained on re-forecast)


Certificates 900px
  • Multi instrument financial trading
  • EUA and CER auctions and futures
  • Spot, forward, option on EUA and CER
  • Guarantee of Origin (GoO)
  • Energy Savings Certificate (CEE)
  • Certificate inventory management

Crude & refined products

Refined 900px crop
  • Multi instrument financial trading
  • Forward, swaps, spreads, options, swaptions
  • Futures and listed options
  • Cracks and differential spreads
  • Basket swaps and user defined structured products


Coal 900px
  • Multi instrument financial trading
  • Swaps, forwards, options on API2, API4, and API5 with management of weekly fixing publications
  • Listed futures and options on API2, API4, and API5


Freight 900px
  • Multi instrument financial trading
  • Swaps, forwards, options on time charter (Capesize, Supramax etc.)
  • Swaps, forwards, options on voyage charter (Route Tubarao, Bolivar etc.)
  • Listed future contracts on time charter and voyage charter


Weather 900px crop2
  • Multi instrument physical and financial trading 
  • Weather energy-contingent derivatives (volume of physically delivered energy indexed on temperature)
  • Weather contingent swap products


Financial 900px
  • Multi instrument financial trading
  • FX, FX options
  • Interest rate swaps
  • Full range of treasury and financial derivative products
  • Multi-underlying basket-based forward products (swaps, options, swaptions)
  • Complex price formulas deals comprised of energy and financial market components
“With Orchestrade, we are embracing a disruptive technology that can keep pace with our innovative approach to delivering value to customers. Today, we are able to rapidly launch new products including the most complex energy derivatives and improve our end-to-end processing and risk management.”
Philippe Vedrenne, CEO, ENGIE Global Markets
“Our IT teams have completely revamped our information system and built a full fledge architecture to allow a fast and clean integration of Orchestrade, simplify the business workflows and open the platform using APIs. We are extremely happy with our new digital ecosystem, as it is very scalable and adaptable to our clients’ needs. It will give us a competitive edge in a fast changing environment.”
Ludovic Quesnelle, CIO, ENGIE’s business unit Global Energy Management
“Exiting our previous ETRMs was a very bold and disruptive decision for many reasons. First because it meant we would co-develop with Orchestrade and share our expertise on commodities with them. Secondly, it meant revamping all our IS platforms, rethinking our pre and post-trade processes and rewriting our proprietary quantitative libraries. It was a large project who required agility, drive, dedication and a lot of work. I am very grateful of all of our teams (Back, Finance, Front, IS, Quants, Risks) who made it possible. It was truly a team project.”
Alexandre Cosquer, Executive Committee Member, ENGIE’s business unit Global Energy Management

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Managing a tsunami of data

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