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ENGIE “Global Energy Management & Sales” extends use of Orchestrade to B2B/B2C supply and PPA activities

November 9, 2022

ENGIE’s business entity “Global Energy Management & Sales ”, that optimizes the Group’s assets portfolio including electricity, renewable technologies, natural gas, environmental products and bulk commodities, while developing an external supply franchise worldwide, announces the successful implementation of Orchestrade for all its B2B/B2C sales, power renewable assets activities, certificates trading.

After deploying successfully the Orchestrade solution to manage its commercial and hedging activities in 2019, ENGIE decided to extend the use of Orchestrade to its assets and supply activities.

GEMS is now using Orchestrade to manage B2B & B2C Gas and Power Supply positions (including White Certificates and Guarantees of Origins), as well as renewables power assets (including PPAs). The breakthrough consists in linking Orchestrade to our supply and renewables ecosystems, in real time, with daily updates of consumption and production forecasts, and monitoring risks in one single application.

We have leveraged on our revamped information system and full-fledge architecture to allow a fast and clean integration of Orchestrade for assets and supply activities. We have managed to smoothly integrate Orchestrade to our in-house systems where supply and renewables are described in full details. Our ecosystem of Contract/Transaction/Risk Management is now very flexible, and adaptable in a very short time frame through short development cycles. It is giving us a competitive edge in a fast changing environment.” states Ludovic Quesnelle, CIO of ENGIE’s business unit “Global Energy Management & Sales” 

ENGIE is now in production at their Paris, Brussels, Singapore, London, Rome and Madrid sites, and soon to be deployed in other geographies. The objective is to use Orchestrade for all activities, in all geographies.

Managing assets and supply with variable volumes is a first of its kind in energy management. We are delighted to partner with ENGIE as we deepen and expand our offering to bring this latest significant innovation to the market” says Hakim Erhili, founder and CEO of Orchestrade. 


ENGIE Global Market is the energy trading platform of the ENGIE Group, a global energy player and an expert operator in the three businesses of electricity, natural gas and energy services. We combine long-term industry experience and financial market know-how.

ENGIE Global Markets, a company with a regulated Investment Services Provider status, serves all ENGIE activities around the world and provides market solutions to a wide range of players operating from up- to downstream of the energy value chain. With a staff of 405 and four trading platforms in Paris, Brussels, Rome and Singapore, we have an extended geographical coverage in Europe and Asia-Pacific and business activities in 40 countries worldwide.

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Orchestrade is the market leading complete cross asset front-to-back trading and risk management platform. Used by energy trading firms and leading financial institutions in North America, Europe and Asia to manage some of the world’s most sophisticated trading strategies. Clients benefit from a real-time view of risk, consistent pricing, streamlined operations and a flexible, modern platform. Founded in 2009, Orchestrade has offices in San Francisco, New York, Paris and London. For more information, visit:

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