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Orchestrade is a natively cross-asset trading, risk management, and operations platform with database, access, processing, and user interaction separated and designed to facilitate extension and interoperability.

Solid, market proven, stress-tested, industry grade software with real open architecture that allows you to realize your vision without additional development.

We are different from the incumbent legacy technologies that deliver only a restricted offering. We have the market insight and true industry understanding that is lacking in the limited toolkit tech platforms.

We adapt seamlessly to enable an ecosystem of best-in-class solutions that are right for your business. You choose the components and capabilities you need and deploy them in the right way to meet your business needs.

Technical overview: scalable and reliable

Diagram technical overview

Natively cross-asset

Orchestrade natively cross asset

Our technology platform is among the most modern in the market. It offers clearly defined extensibility points, comprehensive connectivity framework and same API access for all developers (yours and ours). You get the best of both worlds: high-speed implementations with impeccable software quality and control. 

Orchestrade is highly scalable. Natively cross asset, Orchestrade provides a unified system that scales with your business in terms of products, volume, and complexity. 

Orchestrade delivers high-performance trading and risk on commodity hardware. Our real-time, event-driven architecture, pioneering design and multi-core processing make that possible.

Traders and portfolio managers see market changes instantly, can analyze P&L and re-compute risk in real-time on their laptops. With Orchestrade, there is no longer any need for expensive, specialty hardware.

Most systems take many months or even years to deploy, disrupting business as usual and hampering change programmes and business agility. Carefully designed as an open system, you can get up and running on Orchestrade in weeks, not years. Our platform comes with business intelligence and workflows from live, market-tested environments.

Available in the cloud or on premise, Orchestrade is easy to install and easy to deploy. And rather than the usual 12-24 months for a system upgrade, Orchestrade can achieve this in less than a month.

Our platform has been developed to maximise the potential of the latest cloud architecture and Orchestrade is now deployed with all three of the leading cloud providers:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure


  • Bloomberg
  • Reuters
  • Interactive Data
  • CMA, Markit
  • SuperDerivatives
  • Trade Affirmation and Confirmation Services
  • SEFs/CCPs/Repositories
  • Margin/Compression
  • Settlement, Payment and Matching
  • Prime Brokerages (10+)
  • Fund Administrators (10+)
  • Major Execution Platforms
  • XML, FpML, FIX, SWIFT, SQL, .Net
  • Analytics
  • Pricing model for most standard products
  • Well-defined API to incorporate internal models
  • Multi-Tier .Net (C#)
  • Desktop GUI and a thin web client
  • Scalable using standard hardware and features such as Load Balancing and Fail Over
  • Postgres or SQL Server
  • Hosted or installed


.Net Based, fully multithreaded, 64-bits
  • Leverage modern distributed computing
  • Cost-effective developer and availability
  • Native Excel interoperability
Open API (C#, Python, Rest)
  • Same APIs that Orchestrade dev uses
  • Empowers clients to have same access
  • Use as standalone application or
    – Develop new service
    – Extend data model
  • Integration to call Orchestrade features from your existing applications
  • Plug-Ins : Inject own logic to add workflow, proprietary pricing models, custom screen, etc.
Performances and scalability
  • No bottlenecks
  • Cluster of resources by activity

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