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Powerful and scalable trading, risk and operations software

Whether you’re a traditional asset manager, pension fund, sovereign wealth fund or managed account service, Orchestrade provides a market proven, stress-tested, industry grade software to meet your specialized investment requirements.

Fund managers have distinct needs, including:

  • Legacy infrastructure often out-dated or not suited to new products
  • Market pressure forcing new product initiatives
  • Risk management understanding limited to linear products
  • Increasing demand for advanced risk analysis to supplement operational services
  • Quick deployment of infrastructure on a cost-effective basis
  • Risk management tools and expertise generally limited to linear products
  • Require consolidated reporting for client capital, across both fund and direct portfolio investments
  • Cash management typically limited to passive holdings with banks or using money-market funds

Orchestrade delivers:

  • Low risk implementation
  • Access to sophisticated derivatives technology
  • Continual evolution of platform in response to industry changes
  • Risk analytics to create conformed reporting for accounts that enable drill down from universe of portfolios to strategy level within a specific portfolio
  • Potential implementation of PMS to enable managed account owners to monitor in real time their investment allocation performance across all asset classes and conduct overlay hedges
  • Position keeping
  • Access to enhanced risk reporting and expertise on your portfolios
  • Enhance returns from your unencumbered cash through Treasury solutions

Orchestrade is cross-asset by design and offers unrivaled out-of-the-box capabilities with a comprehensive business process library, a range of best-practice workflow configurations and an extensive collection of market standard APIs, all of which enable rapid deployment and a refreshingly short time to market


Lower running costs – consolidating multiple systems into one platform that carries low cost upgrades.

Scalable and extensible - open C# API allows users access to the same interfaces that our developers use to code functionality.

Automated and exception based - complete trade lifecycle is mapped out the instant a trade is booked.

Real-time PnL and powerful risk tools across all asset classes.

Complexity simplified - deep coverage of complex asset classes and ability to quickly add new ones.

Natively cross-asset - Orchestrade is cross-asset by design

Comprehensive front-to-back functionality

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Orchestrade provides portfolio managers with a dashboard that gives them a real-time view of their positions, PnL and risk. This functionality is delivered consistently across asset classes including equity, rates, credit, FX, commodities, inflation, and volatility. The platform has over 200 valuation models that can be extended to include third party or proprietary models. 

Users can slice and dice trading activity by fund, strategy, trader, sector, geography, currency and many other factors. Adjustments to the P&L can be explained through identifying movements in rates, currency shifts, changes in equity markets and so on. 

Orchestrade provides a broad range of analytics, sensitivities and risk metrics including greeks, cross-greeks, DV01, CS01, projected cash flows, value at risk (VaR) and beta to risk factors. Users can drill down into these metrics and attribute contributions from positions, groups of positions, risk factors, or alternatively across curves for key rate analysis.
Furthermore, the platform allows users to stress a multitude of risk factors including shocks to equity prices, FX, rates, credit, and volatility to assess the effectiveness of the investment strategy under a broad range of market scenarios.  
Orchestrade helps facilitate more efficient integration between middle- and back-office applications, particularly IT innovations that eliminate manual systems, legacy solutions and pave the way for operational efficiency. 
Its modern middle office functionality enables the system to live up to the product name — orchestrating and automating post-trade activities across a wide range of asset classes.
Once in the system, the entire trade’s lifecycle is automated based on industry practices and requirements, including confirms, payment schedules, corporate actions, fees schedules, accounting entries, etc., or allowing for the institution’s internal standards. The system is designed to be highly scalable and flexible, enabling significant economies of scale.

For funds that run shadow accounting, Orchestrade has a fully integrated general ledger with workflow to support all aspects of the accounting lifecycle including the generation of financial statements. 

Award-winning software

“Best Middle Office Solution” FTF News Technology Innovation Awards 2024, 2023 and 2022

Best Middle Office Solution - FTF Awards 2024

“Best risk management solution”
Fund Intelligence Operations & Services Awards 2024

“Best Investment Book of Records solution” WatersTechnology Asia Awards 2024

“Best Portfolio Management System” Systems in the City Fintech Awards 2023

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“Orchestrade enabled us to launch a specialized fund business in under 6 weeks, covering end-to-end processing of all the basic cash and complex derivative products we trade.”
Gang Hu, Managing Partner, WinShore Capital
“We went live in less than 3 months with Orchestrade as our trading, risk and operations system for our fund launch, covering a wide range of OTC and exchange-traded products. We continue to rely on the breadth and depth of the system as our business grows.”
Robb Arnulphy, COO, Welwing Capital Group

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