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Orchestrade powers in to energy - CTRM Center

Orchestrade Powers into Energy – CTRM Center

May 19, 2023

Dr. Gary M. Vasey of CTRM Centre talked with Dale Emmerson, Global Head of ETRM at Orchestrade about the exciting news around our ETRM. 

“A week or so ago, I caught up with Dale Emmerson of Orchestrade. He was keen to tell me how things were going, and how they had achieved an element of better name recognition in energy and were now extremely busy as a result. The vendor is involved in several large RFP processes in Asia, north America and Europe with top tier energy and commodity firms, he told me, pointing out that there was a legacy replacement trend that was growing rapidly in the industry. This trend was driven by increased complexities, greater need to cope with large trade volumes and decision making, and volatilities in the business such that buyers were seeking near real-time capabilities more than ever before.”


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