Orchestrade Powers into Energy – CTRM Center

CTRM Center news 19.5.23

Dr. Gary M. Vasey of CTRM Centre talked with Dale Emmerson, Global Head of ETRM at Orchestrade about the exciting news around our ETRM. 

“A week or so ago, I caught up with Dale Emmerson of Orchestrade. He was keen to tell me how things were going, and how they had achieved an element of better name recognition in energy and were now extremely busy as a result. The vendor is involved in several large RFP processes in Asia, north America and Europe with top tier energy and commodity firms, he told me, pointing out that there was a legacy replacement trend that was growing rapidly in the industry. This trend was driven by increased complexities, greater need to cope with large trade volumes and decision making, and volatilities in the business such that buyers were seeking near real-time capabilities more than ever before.”


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Orchestrade alliance with TCMpartners to extend regional capabilities


New York, May 16, 2023, Orchestrade announced the signing of an alliance agreement with TCMpartners, a professional services organization focused on Treasury and Capital Markets, with offices in Latin America and Europe.

The alliance will enhance the localization, implementation, and delivery of cloud-based services around the Orchestrade platform, designed to address modern capital markets challenges.  Leveraging the system, organizations can accelerate the modernization of their front, middle and back-office technology, trade new products, and increase both business and technical flexibility.

Orchestrade has a strategic focus on the largest markets, both mature and rapidly developing, where banks, hedge funds and asset managers are seeking to access new opportunities, trade a wider range of financial products, and increase operational efficiency.

These trends present distinct challenges for businesses that are constrained due to the inflexibility of legacy technology providers. Through technology stack transformation financial services companies can benefit from Orchestrade’s natively cross-asset system. The solution is uniquely designed to enable clients to bring new products and new workflows to market with exceptional speed, reducing the total cost of ownership through a single, easy-to-maintain system that interoperates with other services and retained technology more seamlessly.

Rafael Sainz, General Manager of TCMpartners commented, “We are impressed by Orchestrade’s functional depth and technology stack and are delighted to be creating this collaboration. TCMpartners will share our regional experience of country regulatory frameworks, local project management, and the integration with key business streams such as sales and trading and payment flows. We feel that Orchestrade’s cloud based cross-asset, trading and risk management system will be of real value for institutions in Europe and Latin America.

Gordon Chan, General Manager of Orchestrade commented, “As we continue to build our growing client base, we look forward to collaborating with TCMpartners and sharing their extensive experience and knowledge of project delivery together with our award-winning platform.

About TCMpartners

TCMpartners was founded in January 2014 in response to regulatory changes and the demand for advanced services in financial markets, risk management, and technology.  Present in Latin America, and Europe, TCMpartners integrates world-class solutions that digitalize financial institutions business processes.  www.tcmpartners.com

Winner – Energy Risk Awards 2023 – One to watch

Energy Risk square

We are delighted to share the news that at the Energy Risk Awards 2023 in Houston, Orchestrade received a very special award.

Energy Risk sees the potential for Orchestrade to be very disruptive in the E/CTRM tier 1 software space and wanted to recognize that in this year’s awards. This year they ran a “One to watch” award and have given this to Orchestrade.

“The Energy Risk Awards are highly prestigious and recognise excellence across global commodities markets. This is great validation that the market is starting to take notice of the fantastic product the Orchestrade team has built and our ability to challenge the legacy ETRM market” said Dale Emmerson, Global Head of ETRM for Orchestrade.

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