New Orchestrade office in Paris

Welcome to our new office in #Paris. Come and take the tour. This is the latest part of our ongoing program of investment and expansion across the firm to support our clients.

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Orchestrade making waves – CTRMCenter

Orchestrade making waves - CTRMCenter

Dr. Gary M. Vasey of CTRM Centre talked with Dale Emmerson, Global Head of ETRM at Orchestrade. 

“Orchestrade is making waves. Targeting the top tier in energy and commodities with a modern scalable event-driven architecture and deep ETRM functionality courtesy of its sponsoring client in energy, it is winning significant new customers in Europe and north America according to Dale Emmerson amidst what he calls ‘massive activity in the sector.’ It is finding traction in segments like merchant trading, utilities, and hedge funds, he told me and credits a build out of PPA, certificates and renewable functionality completed last year in part. It has also built out natural gas storage. The vendor also does well on the financial institution side of the business by virtue of handling equities, crypto, FX, IR and commodities all in the same application. “Often, entities get stuck with two separate systems to handle all those asset classes,” he said, “now they can do it all in one – Orchestrade.”


KWA Analytics and Orchestrade partner for ETRM solution delivery

Orchestrade and KWA Analytics, an award-winning, capital and energy market system specialist consulting group, have announced a strategic partnership to deliver Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) systems to companies across the globe.

This partnership comes at a pivotal moment as energy markets have experienced unprecedented changes over the past five years. The global focus on achieving Net Zero, coupled with several significant geopolitical events, has spurred many companies to embark on ambitious digital transformation agendas. However, whilst many clients would like to move to a modern IT landscape centred around one or several ETRM’s, migrating to a new landscape is a complex project that extends beyond the boundaries of the ETRM system(s), especially when cross asset requirements are considered.

Orchestrade offers an award-winning top tier ETRM solution, specifically designed for today’s ever-changing energy markets. KWA Analytics is an award-winning consultancy and one of the world’s leading ETRM implementation specialists. Together, they will deliver transformative solutions for their global clients navigating the transition to new, efficient systems.

Phil Walsh, Director at KWA, shared his excitement about the collaboration, “KWA are extremely proud to be selected by Orchestrade as their ETRM delivery partner. We very much share Orchestrade’s vision of the combined value of their open, highly performant architecture and KWA’s track record of service delivery for sophisticated trading systems. I’m very excited to welcome Orchestrade to the leading systems that we provide services for.  The opportunity to provide the trading and risk management community with an expanded range of high value system implementation, integration and advisory services is the key strategic aim of KWA.”

Dale Emmerson, Global Lead – ETRM, at Orchestrade, said, “I have known the leadership team of KWA for a number of years and have always been impressed by their deep business and technical expertise around ETRM and their reputation in the market around client delivery. Orchestrade has always been focused on engineering the highest quality software and this partnership provides clients with access to a step-change ETRM platform combined with world leading project implementation. We are both motivated to improve the client experience.”

About KWA Analytics

Award-winning Technology Services and Advisory Firm KWA Analytics is a unique consultancy in its focus and experience in advising, implementing and supporting trading and risk management applications. KWA has unrivalled expertise in successful implementations across commodity and capital markets, and digital transformation projects, as well as defining market solutions that have become system industry standards.

Orchestrade partner with Alpha Financial Software to enhance mortgage-backed securities trading

Alpha Financial Software, the fintech leader in U.S Agency Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) Clearance and Settlement automation, has partnered with Orchestrade, the cross-asset capital markets trading, operations, and risk technology firm, to deliver comprehensive clearance and settlement to common clients managing mortgage products.

As forward-looking asset managers and dealers embrace automation in their U.S. MBS operations, they progress from a human capital-intensive business into a fully automated environment that delivers significant benefits in terms of profitability, efficiency and speed.

“As our asset management and custodial banking clients continue to realize the benefits of our product, TBA Mortgage Master, we welcome the opportunity to broaden our reach with industry-leading firms such as Orchestrade,” said Joe Kohanik, Managing Partner at Alpha Financial Software. “Our MBS Ops Network delivers everything fixed income managers require on a single platform to mitigate the margin, settlement and “fail” risks of their MBS trading strategies. And for our software partners, our comprehensive API makes for ease-of-integration and a shortened time-to-market.”

“TBA Mortgage Master is widely regarded as the leader in providing full life cycle processing for TBA mortgages, including real-time connectivity to payment, matching and settlement systems,” states Gordon Chan, General Manager, Orchestrade. “We are truly excited to offer our customers out-of-the-box integration to this leading fixed income clearing and settlement network.”

About Alpha Financial Software

Alpha Financial Software was founded in 2006 with the goal of providing straight-through-processing automation of U.S. Agency TBA trading to both buy-side and sell-side financial firms. Alpha Financial software provides full lifecycle MBS clearance and settlement solutions to automate front, middle and back-office. Built by veteran fixed income professionals who marry practical experience with advanced technology, Alpha Financial Software supports a broad range of financial services clients trading the MBS/OTC markets.

Orchestrade partner with Rebar Systems to offer fully integrated front-to-back cross asset trading platfrom

Orchestrade and Rebar Systems have announced a partnership to provide a fully integrated offering of Rebar’s order management and execution platform (ROME™) with Orchestrade’s market leading cross asset front-to-back trading and risk portfolio management system.

The asset management industry faces significant challenges to business operations and budgets when they look to scale, automate, create efficient workflows, and trade more complex products. The root cause is often the inability of a legacy technology stack to adapt and evolve due to the complexity of disparate, integrated systems and siloed solutions. This often results in a reliance on manual and legacy processes and insufficient compliance and risk management.

Complete Trade Lifecycle Management

These challenges are addressed by combining Orchestrade’s award-winning portfolio management system and Rebar’s market proven order and execution management platform. “The combination provides a tightly integrated investment and trading lifecycle solution. Both platforms are designed from the ground-up to be asset agnostic and extremely flexible, allowing asset managers and hedge funds to rapidly respond to evolving market conditions, such as quickly and efficiently adding new portfolio managers, strategies, asset classes, and external data sources,” states Adam Striffler, COO & CFO at Rebar Systems.    

Philip Cushmaro, Co-Founder & CEO of Rebar Systems went on to state, “By selecting this integrated offering from two best in class platforms, both built on modern modular technology, firms will rapidly and cost effectively benefit from seamless workflows and processes across the complete trade lifecycle.”

“Financial markets are ever more interconnected, and managers seek flexibility in how their portfolios are constructed and maintained,” observed Hakim Erhili, Orchestrade Co-Founder.  He went on to say, “By combining two world class products, at a fundamental level of integration, we are solving issues of operational efficiency, data consolidation, and flexibility that are holding back so many firms.”

Jonathan Gane, Global Head of Capital Markets at Orchestrade commented, “As funds grow in size and complexity, they need a best-in-class solution delivered by a modern cloud hosted platform, capable of handling complex products as standard. Orchestrade’s deep cross-asset DNA enables them to future proof their business, bringing new portfolio managers, new trading strategies and accessing new markets at pace and in a robust manner.”

About Rebar Systems

Rebar Systems is a cutting-edge technology solutions provider to some of the world’s most sophisticated asset managers. Leveraging our flagship multi-asset trading platform (ROME™), we provide order and execution management software and professional services. We partner with our clients to simplify, streamline, and transform technology solutions and business processes.

New Orchestrade office in New York

As our business in North America continues to grow, our team has been expanding. We have upgraded our New York office and we have moved into the iconic PENN 1 at Pennsylvania Plaza. This represents more than just improving the view, it is part of our long-term commitment to supporting our clients and developing our offering across trading, risk management and operations.

Orchestrade Wins “Best Middle Office Solution” in 2023 FTF News Technology Innovation Awards

Orchestrade Wins “Best Middle Office Solution” in 2023 FTF News Technology Innovation Awards

For the third year in a row, Orchestrade has won at the FTF News Technology Innovation Awards.  The “Best Middle Office Solution” award recognises the solution that helps facilitate more efficient middle office operations, particularly IT innovations that eliminate manual systems, legacy solutions and pave the way for operational efficiency. The selection was based on votes from qualified industry participants.

Orchestrade is a business agnostic modern trading, operations, and risk management platform that is natively cross-asset by design, not a multi-asset platform that has been bolted together from different technology stacks and data modules. The system is engineered to perform middle office risk management, risk data analytics, and trade verification.

Orchestrade can solve a specific problem at a specific desk or be used across a business, so reducing total cost of ownership. Orchestrade provides complete product control by delivering adaptive workflows for full reconciliation, real-time PnL monitoring (including explained and attribution), product control reporting, trade exception management, trade lifecycle management, collateral management, and powerful risk tools, exception management, and fixing.

We deliver a comprehensive business process library, risk, middle office tools and functionality and a range of best-practice workflow configurations. It has an extensive collection of market standard APIs,

We continue to improve our offering to meet and exceed the needs of conventional sell-side and buy-side firms as well as Crypto, Neobanks, Retail Brokers.


Winner – Systems in the City Fintech Awards 2023 – Best portfolio management system

It is with great pride that we received the “Best Portfolio Management System” at the Systems in the City Fintech Awards 2023 organised by Goodacre. It was a real pleasure to be given the award by the distinguished journalist Gillian Jospeh.

The Systems in the City Financial Technology Awards are the leading endorsement for suppliers of services and systems to the regulated financial services sector. They are based on an independent and factual annual accreditation process, overseen by three independent judges.

Winner – Chartis Energy50 2023 – Best power trade management

We are so pleased announce the growing recognition of our outstanding Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) offering. We have been recognized in the Chartis Energy50 and awarded for best ‘Power Trade Management’. 

‘Orchestrade’s entrance into the Energy50 this year reflects its strong recent performance,’ said Sid Dash, Chief Researcher at Chartis. ‘Its new, comprehensive platform, combined with sound inputs from end users, marks it out as a fresh and strong addition to the ETRM ecosystem.

Orchestrade Powers into Energy – CTRM Center

Orchestrade powers in to energy - CTRM Center

Dr. Gary M. Vasey of CTRM Centre talked with Dale Emmerson, Global Head of ETRM at Orchestrade about the exciting news around our ETRM. 

“A week or so ago, I caught up with Dale Emmerson of Orchestrade. He was keen to tell me how things were going, and how they had achieved an element of better name recognition in energy and were now extremely busy as a result. The vendor is involved in several large RFP processes in Asia, north America and Europe with top tier energy and commodity firms, he told me, pointing out that there was a legacy replacement trend that was growing rapidly in the industry. This trend was driven by increased complexities, greater need to cope with large trade volumes and decision making, and volatilities in the business such that buyers were seeking near real-time capabilities more than ever before.”


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